My experience in Austria – Yuusk

My most memorable travel experience was going to one of my dream places. You know the place, the one you think you will never get to go explore. Innsbruck-Austria! It was only for a couple of days but I saw all that I wanted and left some spots for when I go back!

I accomplished so much I thought I couldn’t do like Climbing the highest mountain in Tirol to one of the peaks of Bergsohne & hanging out with some other visitors and locals who exchanged some briefed travel experiences and photos. Undoubtedly Bergsohne is one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in the world. The Austrian Alps are more beautiful in Tyrol than anywhere else. Although its an expensive destination for ski trips but it’s worth visiting. Innsbruck is a beautiful city . Alpine views are around every corner and ski slopes just a funicular ride from the center.

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